Do you have limited time but would like to know who you are hiring at your organisation? 

Do you have a Claimant or Insured that you want to know more about?

Call us today to find out how we can help you get the full picture.

Want to take the travel out of an investigation. We specialise in desktop investigations with outcomes. 

We can also complete background searches in a fast and effective manner. 

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If you have a small or big problem you cannot solve and need a hand.

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Whether you need surveillance conducted on a love one or for Insurance purposes, trust in our team to be successful with your matter. 

Our detailed investigative plan is in consultation with you and has no surprises. 

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We conduct Factual Investigations with utmost professionalism and detail. We ask you the level of investigation required to reach your outcome and keep you updated throughout the entire process, no matter what. You wont be disappointed with our report.

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